Hair Lifting – The Originals

Made up of essential oils and vitamins, is specially formulated to rejuvenate the hair from its first application.

Recommended for all hair types

Its revolutionary formula is able to rejuvenate any hair type and keep it young, covering daily needs.

Its organic extracts of natural origin provide the daily nutrition that the hair needs and its high multivitaminic content, the recommended daily hydration. In fact, we regenerate the hydro-lipid mantle naturally; which is in charge of protecting the hair from both physical and microbial external aggressions..

The line consists of a shampoo, a hydrator and five conditioners.

Hair needs to absorb water and enrich the lipids, that is the philosophy of this line, to nourish and hydrate. To later, condition and treat the cuticle itself through the 5 types of hairlifting treatment conditioners.

Why is it so important that there is only one shampoo and one hydrator?

→ Hydration and nutrition is fundamentle to preserve healthy hair. Healthy hair retains hydration in its stem, covered by a thin layer of lipids, which will isolate the environment, taking care of it from within. But when this epicutaneous emulsion is lacking, the hair becomes porous and lacks internal hydration, exposing it to any external aggression. And if this goes on in time, the irreparable damages begin inside it.

It neutralizes frizziness and restores all the vitality, energy and endurance of young hair.

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